Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

The gravities of your freezer are filled with an abundance of food. You may not see it - but it is. Suddenly, your freezer fails you and you're stuck with the stress of rearranging all that food. This is a serious financial burden, as well as a grave mess.

Your freezer might fail you, but certainly won't! Get in touch with Chief's Repair Company to get your freezer back cooling now! We're the most efficient appliance repair service in Bellevue, and we specialize in emergency repairs!

Why is my freezer broken down?

There is an array of reasons why your freezer could break down. There may be a blockage in the drainage hose. Those pesky condenser coils may be packed with wreckage. It may even be a simple fault in the evaporator or door seals. It may be something more technical, such as the compressor, thermostat or relay, which is crucial for powering the compressor, is damaged.

No matter the issue, freezer repair should only be attempted from those with expertise. Not only that, understanding the dangers of working with electricity, as well as being comfortable, is equally as significant. If you don't hold the qualifications, we most definitely advise against home repairs.

DIY repairs often cause more damage than fixing. Even worse, you could hurt yourself or someone nearby. It is essential that you take the time to hire a professional to service your repair needs. There's no risk to warranty or further damages. It's an affordable option, saving the added stress.

Common Concerns

Loud clicking noises

If you notice distinct clicking sounds when turning your freezer on, this may be due to the compressor or start relay. It's easy to distinguish the usual audible of a humming freezer from an unusual clicking noise.

As explained prior, the start relay will power the compressor. If, for some reason, it has burned out or isn't sufficiently powering constantly, it needs replenishing. For persistent problems, a new evaporator fan will be the likely fix.

No running or ice-cold cycles

When your freezer won't switch on but is connected to power, it's most likely an interrupted power supply. Investigate whether there's a blown fuse or a tripper breaker, if it's a no, then call us! When airflow is restriction, the freezer will be warmer than usual. This is due to an evaporator fan malfunction, or even a blocked condenser coil. We have the team to handle these concerns!

Freezer leaks

When water leaks within the freezer or on the outer, this could be due to a damaged inlet valve. If this is not the case, confirm the drain tube is not blocked.

Replacement time?

Life expectancy of a freezer is comparatively long when compared to other appliances. If ownership has exceeded 17 years, it may be time for a new appliance! Shane's team of experts are specialized in selecting the model that will adhere to your specifications. We'll even dispose of your previous one, as well as setting up the updated machine!